Epstein provided interior design services for a 3,500 square foot expansion to the American Society for Clinical Pathology's Washington headquarters.

The intent for the lobby space was to make a visual connection to ASCP as soon as one exits the elevator, therefore the glass entrance doors were relocated opposite the Elevator Lobby. The concept was to set the tone for the overall design concept of quiet elegance by introducing the color palette, rich materials and a dramatic yet subdued lighting scheme as a first experience.

As an extension to the Lobby space the design team wanted to create a welcoming zone for visitors as well as staff members. ASCP artifacts were incorporated as part of the design background of a Private Club type setting. Again, the subdued lighting and warm deep materials contributed.

An important design criteria was to make the space feel expansive by creating distinct zones for entertaining members and visitors within the framework of a busy office. The materials seamlessly link the two areas and foster the illusion of greater space.