Epstein provided architectural design, full-service engineering and construction management services for the renovation and expansion to ACCO Brands USA, LLC’s Booneville, Mississippi manufacturing and distribution center. Epstein’s architects, engineers and construction professionals were responsible for the demolition of 10 of the 16 existing buildings on the campus and the renovation/repair of the remaining buildings. In addition, Epstein designed, engineered and built a new 310,332 square foot high-bay distribution center, which includes the installation of 42,237 double-deep, 6-high, rack positions and 40 dock doors. The campus also required new parking areas for 557 cars and 274 trailers.

The 10 buildings demolished total 248,388 square feet and the other six buildings require 337,140 square feet of minimal renovation and 246,700 square feet of significant renovation. The renovated areas when combined with the new building bring the total building area of the campus to 894,172 square feet.

Epstein’s construction staff faced a very complex scheduling and sequencing program which is significantly impacted by the required use, and most importantly, the timing of the availability of county funds through State and EDA Grants. These funds are processed by the county using set guidelines which means that many construction phases have to be staggered or delayed in accordance with government distribution policies.

Epstein construction professionals also maintained ACCO’s on-going operations through the development of temporary facilities and a re-routing of operational traffic flow.