Epstein's interior design team transformed the 12,000-square-foot main entrance and building lobby at 500 West Monroe.

The transformation was driven by the building's owner, Piedmont Office Realty Trust, to make 500 West Monroe a more competitive building, attract new tenants and improve the building experience. The approach for the design was to be considerate of the existing architecture while creating a more inviting and activated space.

At the main entry Epstein replaced the heavy bronze framed glazing system with a new frameless, clear glazing system to create a more transparent affect while increasing natural light. In addition, a new custom light fixture as well as new granite pavers and signage grace the existing rotunda bringing it up to date.

In the building lobby, Epstein's design team replaced the light fixtures with recessed linear LED fixtures to provide a lighting experience of brightness and controllability. The existing vaulted wood ceilings were replaced with a backlit, stretched fabric ceiling panel, creating a lighter and more pleasing environment. Epstein also removed the onyx light box walls and replaced them with large clear glazed openings to bring in more natural light and connect the interior to the streetscape.

To further lighten the space and open up views, non-structural column enclosures in the lobby were reduced in volume. To energize and activate the newly refurbished space, the existing interior fountains and pools were removed to make way for new seating groups and furniture pieces. And to improve security sightlines, the new reception desk was relocated to a more centralized location and outfitted to accommodate the latest advances in technology.

The elevator vestibules were similarly updated to coordinate with the new building lobby. Lighting was improved, the bronze elevator doors and frames were refinished to stainless steel, and the elevator cabs received new lighting and finishes as well. To complete the new vision, Epstein partnered with Amy King of King Art Collective in commissioning artwork to harmonize with the interior architecture and enhance the visitor experience.

Epstein's design for 500 West Monroe has had an immediate economic impact for Piedmont. Motorola Solutions has since completed their move of 800 employees into approximately 150,000 square feet, which had been vacant for an extended period of time.