April 18, 2016


Today marks a significant milestone for our renovation work at Whirlpool's Global Headquarters (GHQ) in Benton Harbor, Michigan as our newly designed entrance lobby opens for Whirlpool's employees and visitors. This limestone, anodized bronze and clear glass structure serves as Whirlpool's new front door and also includes a new café, coffee bar and convenience store. In addition, the new lobby space also features a new visitor's lounge, connecting stairway and an employee outdoor patio.

For the past six years Epstein's architects and engineers have been performing a wide variety of facility upgrades and expansions to Whirlpool's existing 50+ year old campus, including this 164,000 square foot project, which besides the employee amenity spaces noted above, also features all new MEP systems as well as new conference rooms and collaboration spaces throughout the space.

In addition to the project you see here, Epstein's architects and engineers, working with our interior design partner, IA, have also designed a new executive boardroom, added daylighting circulating stairs, dramatically improved and expanded workstation/conferencing/collaboration spaces, and designed new MEP systems, throughout this 282,350 square foot campus.

We are in the midst of planning our photoshoot for the GHQ, which will take place in early summer after the prairie-like landscaping has had time to mature, so stay tuned for the professional photography which will dramatically depict the improvements to Whirlpool's home.

In the meantime, here's an aerial photo of the GHQ taken a couple weeks ago by Pepper Construction, along with a few identifiers added by us outlining all the various projects. Hopefully, this gives you sense of all the areas Epstein has renovated, modernized and/or expanded over the past six years.

A North Wing, Executive Boardroom Addition

B North Wing, New Mechanical Systems

C East Wing, New Mechanical Systems

D East Wing, Façade Improvements

E South Wing, New Mechanical Systems

F South Wing, New Outdoor Terrace Space

G South Wing, New Lobby

H South Wing, New Mechanical Systems