July 15, 2020

Today, July 15th, 2020, marks Epstein's 99th anniversary as a firm; a rare accomplishment for an independent AEC company like ours in this day and age of mergers and acquisitions. This longevity achievement is one we take significant pride in, and one we believe our founder, Abraham Epstein, who started our firm in 1921, would find as a reason to celebrate. Weve grown from a small office located within the cozy confines of Chicagos Central Manufacturing District (CMD) to a worldwide architecture, engineering and construction organization.

As we quickly approach the even more impressive 100-year anniversary, we take the time to revel in the fact that our offices now stretch beyond the Windy City and reach across the globe to places like New York City, Warsaw, Poland and Bucharest, Romania. Additionally, we rejoice that our list of professional services, as well as the markets we serve, have evolved to now include a full menu of design, engineering and construction services for a client base that covers nearly every industry throughout the world.

It should also be noted, and definitely not understated, that Epstein has thrived during a time period of enormous change. Our organization has witnessed, and withstood, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Space Age and the Tech Revolution, among others. Our ability to adapt, survive and evolve, all while staying true to our trades and clients, is a point of immense pride for Epstein, especially in these very uncertain COVID-19 times.

With all of the progression Epstein has made, our firm scarcely resembles the modest operation that Abraham founded. However, one ever-present notion has remained the same throughout: our dedication to solving our clients challenges. Through our ability to continuously deliver strategic and creative project solutions, we are able to create value, thus helping our clients achieve their goals. And, lastly, we like to think being a firm that helps bring worth to the built environment is an incredibly rewarding and, ultimately, profound definition of who we are and what weve been able to accomplish.