June 1, 2018

We are pleased to welcome Ryan Johnson, our new Design Professional working within the Architecture Group!

Ryan comes to us directly from Kansas State University (go Wildcats!), where he graduated with his Masters in Architecture.

He has always had an interest in drawing and building and, with his parents help, rolled right into architecture after high school, having never questioned his major once.

Ryan grew up north of Chicago in Gurnee, Illinois, which is where he is currently commuting from. How are those train rides, Ryan?! He attended Warren Township High School, which had 4,400 students, and said moving to central Kansas was quite a big transition.

Actually, the way he put it was as follows: It was great while I was there, but I missed being around more people than cows. Fair point.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys everything related to sports hell basically watch or play just about anything. His favorite, though? Baseball. He is a Cubs fan, and is hoping that is received well around the Epstein office¦

He also pointed out that he has, generally, an unpopular opinion he loves the winter! He enjoys the cold and participating in activities such as snowboarding more than the heat and sitting at the beach. Ryan, I feel compelled to tell you I, too, share this opinion and we are, in fact, the minority. Lets start a club. Ive already started thinking of names.

Ryan got the opportunity to study abroad in Italy for four months last spring. While over there, he was lucky enough to visit Spain, Greece, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, England and Ireland. Wow! Unfortunately (not really), he came back to America with the travel bug and will pretty much jump at any opportunity to travel. Right before starting at Epstein, he took a 6-day road trip to Colorado and Las Vegas, coming back through Arizona and Texas.

Ryan is very family oriented, being the oldest of four kids two brothers and one sister. He proudly attributes his organizational skills and responsible characteristic to them.

Welcome again, Ryan, we are delighted to have you!