January 15, 2021

We are pleased to welcome Robert Tiltges, our new Senior Field Manager, to Epstein’s DesignBuild team! Among other responsibilities, Robert will be serving as onsite supervision, as well as overseeing safety, scheduling and quality control.

Robert grew up in Bensenville, IL and attended Fenton High. Unfortunately, much of where he grew up no longer exists, as the area has been claimed for O’Hare Airport’s new expansion. Robert went to Harper Community College, where he studied architecture.

He started out in the industry at the age of 28 as a union laborer in Chicago. Prior to joining Epstein, Robert worked for BC Construction Group, where he was building a Mercedes automotive plant in Alabama. He has also worked for Turner Construction building data centers.

Outside of work, Robert likes to spend time with his wife and complete projects around the house. He has four kids; all of which are diehard hockey fans thanks to Robert. He taught all of them the game and even played with them on various teams. This includes his daughter, who I’m told has a sniper of a shot. Robert also loves soccer and played in the INSL (Indoor National Soccer League) Major Division as a goalie for 26 years. Known as the “crazy hockey goalie,” he loved playing in front of a crowd, and even won MVP 6 times throughout his career! Although he finished his career in 2008 after winning the championship game and taking home the trophy at the age of 49, Robert desperately misses the game and the crowds.

He would like his new Epstein family to know that he is very much a people person, and prides himself on being able to communicate and form relationships with everyone he encounters.

Once again, welcome to Epstein! We are delighted to have you join us.