April 17, 2018

Epstein is pleased to welcome Patrick Wyszynski, who joins our New York office as a Design Professional/Architect. His ten years of professional experience in the industry include multiple trades for a wide array of project types. Construction administration and design development are just a few of his areas of expertise.

Prior to joining Epstein, Patrick has worked for the likes of S9 Architecture, Jonathan Schloss Architect and Engineered Wall Systems Midwest.

He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute (go Cannoneers!), where his focus was on film, cinema and video studies. Patrick then transferred into architecture, and acquired his 5-year B.Arch. degree.

Having been exposed to major cities throughout my life, Ive always been sensitive to how the built environment and urban fabric impact and affect both the individual and the larger populous on a daily basis, he said of what led him down this career path.

Patrick was born in Los Angeles but raised in the Chicago suburbs and attended Hinsdale South High School (go Hornets!).

Outside of work, he enjoys bicycling and playing tennis. In fact, he was on the varsity tennis team in college! Patrick is also quite the photographer semi-pro! He says his physical surroundings have always been a source of inspiration; both in the built environment and the natural scenery around him. Check out his photography website!

He is bilingual in Polish and English. Having family in Warsaw, he has dual citizenship with the Republic of Poland, as well. Patrick, is this your way of nominating yourself for all of our Warsaw-related projects¦?

Once again, welcome. We are thrilled you have joined the Epstein family!