February 6, 2018


We are pleased to welcome to the Epstein family our new lead designer Patrick Carata. Patrick, who is a member of the American Institute of Architects, brings with him over 15 Years of design experience with projects in the hospitality, residential, institutional and commercial sectors. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago and prior to joining Epstein he was a senior designer at Gensler & HOK.

Patrick grew up in Rome and it was there that he believes his interest in architecture was piqued. The parks, streets and buildings of Rome became a fixed-point in his design career as his own work tries to capture and infuse the feeling of awe or comfort he experienced while living there. Patrick is a big believer in the idea that truly great architecture can be inspiring and trigger an emotional reaction in its spectators.

To get a sense of how Patrick has taken that early influence and applied it to his work, heres a collage of some of his past award-winning designs include the Hilton Columbus (Ohio) Downtown High Street Bridge, the Barneys New York City Flagship Store the NEVA Towers in Moscow and the Buero Tower in London.

At Epstein, Patrick is currently working on projects like an office to hotel conversion, a high-rise residential development as well as a pedestrian bridge crossing the Chicago River.

When not working, Patrick is a big foodie and loves to try out new restaurants, and the fact that Chicago has so many choices means that he rarely goes to the same place twice. When dining Patrick loves to share his food with company and try as many dishes as possible.

Patrick is also the proud father of Giulia, aka Gigi, his two year old daughter, who everyday seems to get more and more vocal about the way Patrick does things.

When Patrick has free time he loves to Golf, Sporting Clays (a form of clay pigeon shooting) and motorcycle riding.

Lastly, Patrick has a passion for travel, an interest that comes from the fact that his Dad worked in the airline industry making traveling a way of life and the airport a second home. Patrick hopes his next destination is Lucerne.

Once again, welcome to the family Patrick! And, good luck on those plans for Lucerne, just make sure Gigis OK with it!