July 8, 2019

We are delighted to welcome Mark Gesior, our new Design Engineer, to Epsteins Civil Engineering department! Among his other responsibilities, Mark will primarily be focusing on transportation projects, including roadways and bridges.

Immediately out of college last year, Mark worked as a project engineer for a construction company called VJS Construction. He spent most of his time there working on projects for the Milwaukee County Zoo. While, admittedly, that was very cool, Mark wanted to move his career path more towards the design side. Having interned at Epstein in 2015 and 2016, I knew it was the perfect place to go once I decided on the career pivot.

Mark attended Marquette University (go Golden Eagles!) in Milwaukee, WI, and graduated with his Bachelors in civil engineering. Starting his sophomore year, he joined (and still plays in) an alternative rock band with his roommate and his brother. Mark plays the drums. Additionally, a couple of his friends and him made their own radio show that aired on the Marquette Radio Station Saturday mornings. Showing up those digital media majors!

While at Marquette, Mark also picked up a minor in philosophy. Therefore, on occasion, he can get unnecessarily deep with people he doesnt knew very well. If youre someone who wants to ponder life, the universe, anything, really, just give Mark a few drinks at the next happy hour.

According to Mark, his grandpa has always been his inspiration for engineering. Grandpa came over from Poland speaking broken English and was able to finish his schooling in mechanical engineering in Chicago. He then proceeded to get four patents for various pieces of farming machinery that he designed throughout his career. Mark said his grandpa lived in the house next door to his childhood home, so anytime his parents were out, he was at his grandpas house hearing stories about that.

Mark grew up in Clarendon Hills, Illinois and went to high school at Hinsdale Central. Hell be living with two of his close friends from high school beginning this month when he moves to Wick Park.

Music aside, Mark also loves to run. Both of his parents are avid marathoners, and they passed that on to him. So far in 2019, Mark has run a 5K, 10K and half marathon. He was planning to try to run his first full marathon this year, but is slowly shying away from the idea as his summer kicks into full swing. His running career peaked in high school, when he ran a 2-mile race with both miles under 5 minutes. The combined total time was 9 minutes and 56 seconds. Wow.

Helpful hint: His last name is pronounced easier with a g in front.

Once again, welcome to Epstein, Mark! Were pleased to have you join us in a full-time position.