September 14, 2017

Epstein is pleased to welcome Kyle Howeler, the newest member of our civil engineering team, to the Epstein family. Kyle, who comes to us from Civcon, has two years of experience in design, engineering and transportation planning, with an emphasis on spatial analysis and safety crashes.

During his time at Civcon he performed spatial analysis in 14 different emphasis areas of crashes that occurred in Chicago. These emphasis areas included: young drivers (16-20), older drivers (65+), impaired drivers, heavy vehicles, intersection related, roadway departures, pedestrian, etc. Each emphasis area mostly had different intersections of highest crash frequencies. The area with the highest concentration of crashes was within the limits of Lake Shore Dr. to the East, Randolph St. to the South, LaSalle Dr. to the West and Chicago Ave to the North. (So youve been fair warned basically what Kyle is saying is stay away from River North, Streeterville, the Magnificent Mile and Lakeshore East! Good thing nothing really happens in those neighborhoods!)

Kyle grew up in Orland Park and originally went to Arizona State where he took classes in marketing, kinesiology and sports medicine before he decided he was good at math and liked engineering better than medicine. He therefore transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil and Materials Engineering in 2015.

At Epstein, Kyle will be working on transportation design and, since hes always looking forward to learning new things, he will also be assisting in the design on a variety of site development projects.

Kyle and his wife, Jenny, recently bought a house in New Lenox and his time off is spent chasing around Kyle Jr., who will turn two years old in October and loves running through the new house. In addition to scampering after Kyle Jr., Kyle Sr. is getting to enjoy all the wonders of being a homeowner which include painting, landscaping and a variety of DIY projects. These home improvement endeavors have included building a built-in mudroom bench and wainscoting in his dining room. Currently, Kyle is working on an outdoor pergola swing. (A project that were sure little Kyle will love as well!)

Once again, Kyle, welcome to the family!