December 14, 2020

We are pleased to welcome Jocelyn Metzger, our new Construction Project Manager, to Epstein’s DesignBuild group! Since joining, she has primarily been working on the Jushi project in Scranton, PA. As a result, Jocelyn can’t help but hear Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute singing (rapping) about “the electric city” every time she hears Scranton.

Previously, Jocelyn worked for Bechtel for just over a year when she first came into the industry and then went over to Lendlease. She was there just shy of 7 years; the first half as an EH&S manager and the second half as a project manager.

Jocelyn likes to say she fell into the industry. She started as an admin assistant in a safety department at a large general contractor, quickly realizing how fascinating the AEC field could be and, subsequently, obtained a role as a safety manager onsite. Being onsite, talking to and watching the skilled laborers complete their tasks (safely, she must add), allowed her to realize just how much work it takes to complete construction projects. She found it satisfying seeing projects she had a hand in come to completion.

Having grown up in Elk Grove Village, the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Jocelyn went to Conant High School. She then attended the University of Illinois, earning her degree in psychology. During her senior year, she worked for the University of Illinois Foundation and, otherwise, enjoyed spending time with friends and going out to the ever-classy campus bars (KAMS).

Jocelyn has two young kids, and one on the way, so her out-of-office activities typically revolves around them! In a normal, non-COVID world, they would spend time with friends and enjoy going out to eat. For now, they watch a lot of movies. She and her husband, Doug, have been married for 8 years. Tate is 4, their daughter Delaney is 2, and Brielle will be joining them in early March. Congratulations! We also have to make mention of Tucker, their 9-year-old Husky/German Sheppard mix. Doug and Jocelyn both work in the industry and are currently building a house in Naperville. It’s been said that the builder does not appreciate their intimate knowledge of building or their many questions and change orders. They hope to be in the house by the end of January 2021 and are currently enjoying a cozy interim stay at Jocelyn’s parent’s house! Oh, and Jocelyn’s special talent is falling asleep promptly at 8:30 nearly every night. “I’m hoping one day I have time to pick up actual talents.”

What should Jocelyn’s Epstein family know about her? She is excited for an opportunity to see new and unique projects. She has an affinity for sarcasm and loves a good joke. And she is also looking forward to meeting everyone face-to-face at some point.

We are looking forward to that too, Jocelyn. Once again, welcome to Epstein!