May 16, 2016

We are pleased to welcome Jeff Kroenung to Epstein the newest addition to our Electrical Engineering Group.

Jeff earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri (Go Tigers!) and he has 15 years of electrical design & engineering experience. Before joining Epstein, Jeff worked at dbHMS and Greeley and Hansen. Among the projects he considers his best, Jeff lists the DC Clean River Project-Pump Station Division P First Street Tunnel as a favorite. This project involved the design of a pump station for large scale underground storm water tunnel in high density residential area and also included utility relocations and medium voltage design for temporary power for 34.5kV Tunnel Boring Machine. (Sounds like a real simple effort ha ha)

For leisure activities, Jeff coaches a co-ed 16" softball team and he loves to ski (so far he's skied all over Colorado and some in New Mexico, Vermont and Pennsylvania). He likes doing "outdoor stuff" and in fact, his ideal trip would be to an isolated cabin in the Canadian Rockies for some back country adventures. (Jeff, just an FYI. Don't watch the movie 'Backcountry' before taking that 'dream' trip. Or if you do, remember these two key points. Bears bad. Maps good.)

Jeff was born in Cape Giradeau, Missouri, and now resides in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, and his favorite Chicago memory is that late one night, when he was biking in Wicker Park, he spotted Bill Murray walking with a group of people. As he passed the group, Jeff shouted "Bill! I love you, man!" At which point, Bill did the most Bill Murray thing he could do . . . he shot back at him with finger guns. (Finger guns from Bill? Jeff, you can die a happy man!)

Jeff's other pastimes include photography, cooking (especially southwestern dishes, and presently is fascinated with the brining process). He also, collects records, mostly rock 'n' roll, new and old, as well as some blues and jazz: Cuban, South American, African, etc. (Jeff, if you like bossanova, Bebel Gilberto, an incredible Brazilian singer, will be performing at Evanston's SPACE on June 19th. Check her out!)

Lastly, welcome to the family, Jeff. And, just curious after receiving a finger gun salute from Bill, what's next? Singing with Chance the Rapper at The Cell? Sharing a steak with Da Coach? Dancing to Chelsea Dagger with Vince Vaughn?