April 30, 2018

We are excited to welcome Hugo Prill, our new Project Architect, back to Epstein! Those who have been around a while may remember Hugo. He had a 2-year stay with us from 2002 to 2004. One of the main projects he worked on during his previous stint was the close-out of the $450 million Midway International Airport Redevelopment, as well as the preliminary design for Midways North Security Hall.

Hugo comes to us from LendLease, an international property and infrastructure group, as a design manager lead. His previous work experience also includes the Dobbins Group, MRA Architects, and the Imperial Realty Company.

He received his B.Arch, Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology (ITT) (go Hawks!). Hugo says he always wanted to be an architect, even as a kid. My great uncle was an architect, so, maybe, there is something in the blood. I enjoy the creativity and problem solving that my profession demands.

Hugo added that he also enjoys working on different types of buildings and learning about our clients industries, so he can help them solve problems and improve their lives. Never a dull moment.

Probably never a dull moment in Los Angeles, California, either, which is where Hugo was born and raised. His father was in the Navy and his mother worked for the federal government. When he was a teenager, his parents were both stationed to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Hugo attended high school in Hawaii (jealous), and his parents decided to remain there after retiring (doubly jealous).

He and his partner of 10+ years really enjoy traveling, having most recently traveled to Guatemala to see the ruins of Tikal! They had lodging near the ruins and were allowed to roam around the grounds with a tour guide after the park had closed. VIP?

Hugo said it more eloquently than I ever could: It was amazing seeing the evening thunderstorms roll in while perched on a pyramid above the jungle canopy. That sounds truly amazing, Hugo!

Their next trip will be to Machu Picchu in Peru. We are staying tuned for further details. Other than traveling, they are working on starting a backyard vegetable garden and continuing on their home landscaping projects.

Hugo, referring to himself as a boomerang, says he has really appreciated the warm welcome (back) he has received from many familiar faces here at Epstein, and is looking forward to getting to know and work with everyone. Same here, Hugo!