October 2, 2019

We are delighted to welcome Howard Hartenstein, our new Senior Project Manager, to Epsteins DesignBuild group!

Howard spent the last two years helping two new business get started. One of them is a small design and construction management firm focused on medium and small scale projects in the Chicago area. The other is a modular home builder based in Nashville, TN., specializing in upscale prefabricated smaller (500 1200 square feet) homes for people who want less space but dont want to live in a condo.

Howard has his BA in economics with an emphasis in environmental studies from Laurence University in Appleton, WI. He also went on to obtain his Masters in architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was a teaching assistant for the structural engineering portion of the degree program. He has always likes both architecture and real estate, saying he thinks it is one of the most interesting and rewarding careers available.

Howard is from the area, having grown up in Evanston and attending Evanston Township High School (ETHS). Go Kits! He has lived in the Chicago area for most of his life.

Growing up, Howard played soccer in high school and college. And he still likes to get out and kick the ball around with friends. Editors Note: Including Noel, dont hold that fact against Howard! Most of his time these days is spent supporting his kids and doing projects around the house.

What else should we know about him? He loves learning new things; there is almost nothing too mundane or trivial for him to find it interesting in some way. He also has four kids, ranging in age from 6th grade to college freshman.

Once more, welcome to Epstein, Howard!