September 10, 2019

We are pleased to welcome Hervé Sivuilu, our new Technical Professional, to Epsteins Architectural department! In his new role, Hervé will be in charge of document/consultant management, and help carry projects from initial design concept to construction administration. Since joining us, we have been keeping him busy with several projects, including several for Newly Weds Foods.

Prior to coming to Epstein, Hervé worked for Merriman Anderson Architects in Dallas, Texas, which is an architecture/interior/planning firm with an emphasis on hospitality and historic preservation. While at Merriman, Hervé managed projects from inception to completion and tracked budget and schedule.

Hervé spent most of his childhood and teen years in Norman Oklahoma and attended elementary, middle school, and high school there.

He also attended college in Norman at the University of Oklahoma (go Boomer Sooner!) and received his degree in architecture. While there, he played semi-professional football for the Tulsa Thunder.

Hervé knew this field was for him because he has always been intrigued by the intricacies of buildings, as well as the challenges they present.

Each building is different, and thus presents a different set of challenges, he said. I like making the building work; thats satisfying to me. Also, equally important, is the evolution of design thinking due to the increasingly important aspect of building technology. We are designing and constructing buildings faster and more efficient than ever before, and I think this is an element that will continue to push both the design and construction envelopes.

Hervé is an Assoc. AIA for the American Institute of Architects and also plans to join I-NOMA as part of the National Organization of Minority Architects.

Outside of work, Hervé enjoys networking. Not only does he like to learn about people and their backgrounds, but he also believes networking is essential to build and cultivate strong relationships. And, in this industry, a connection can go a long way!

He also loves to give back, which is demonstrated by his involvement with the ACE Mentorship program. Hervé has been involved with the program on and off for the past five years and plans to continue here in Chicago. Additionally, back in Dallas, he worked with Legal Aid of Northwest Texas (LANWT) in providing pro bono graphic work for their fundraising events. Hes been in partnership with them for the past two in a half years and plans to continue that effort. Editors note: Hervé loves graphic design and working in Adobe Illustrator. He can draw at least I think so and encourages anyone to come ask him about his sketches. Furthermore, he tends to doodle a lot. This is not to be taken as him not paying attention; its just the opposite, in fact.

Hervé also enjoys working out and is putting some serious thought into joining a boxing or CrossFit gym. Any recommendations for him?

What else should his Epstein family know about him? He has a big family (six siblings) and theyre all over the world. His parents, for example, live in Caen, France. Hes got other relatives in Birmingham, UK, France and Belgium. Oh, and he speaks French. Well, like 85 percent proficiency.

Once again, welcome, um, bonjour, to Epstein! Were delighted to have you with us.