January 10, 2018

Epstein is pleased to introduce the newest member of our Construction Group Gabriel Bode-Jimenez. At Epstein, Gabriel is an assistant project engineer working at the Prestage New Pork Processing Plant site in Eagle Grove, IA.

Gabriel graduated from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Go Panthers!) in Germany with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management. After graduating from KIT, he spent two years working in Bogotá, Columbia for the German-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and one year working as a Field Engineer (Trainee) in Romania for GSP. He recently finished his graduate studies at the University of Kentucky (Go Wildcats!) in Mining Engineering.

Gabriel was born in State College, Pennsylvania and raised in close to Duisburg. If you are curious Gabriels Mom is Columbian and his Dad is German, they met as students at Penn State and after graduation and Gabriels birth moved to Germany. He enjoys traveling and hiking at mountain sides, and has begun a new hobby: Triathlon. Gabriel, from his time at the University of Kentucky has become a huge UK Basketball fan. Additionally, Gabriel has a younger brother with whom he enjoys skiing with during vacations.

Once again, welcome to the family Gabriel!