January 12, 2021

Welcoming our new Assistant Project Engineer, Calvin Watson, to Epstein! Prior to coming to Epstein, Calvin worked for Clune Construction, general contractor based in Chicago. At Clune Construction, he was a PM Intern within the aviation department, primarily working on interior renovations at Midway International Airport.

Calvin lived all throughout the City of Chicago from his childhood to his adolescence and later moved to the west suburbs in his adulthood. He attended Lincoln Park High School and was involved with both the basketball and football teams as well as various student organizations.

Calvin is a recent December 2020 graduate from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s degree in construction management. While there, he was a member of a student organization called the Construction Management Student Association (CMSA), which is a professional club that creates opportunities for students to get involved with the construction community and develop professional leadership skills. Calvin was also a part of Habitat for Humanities, the nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve the places they call home.

His passion for construction lead Calvin to pursue the industry. “Growing up, my family and I would create weekend construction projects for our home. Watching the transition of our home gave me inspiration,” he said. This inspiration made him realize that every building has a legacy, history and memories. Being able to create environments for others safety and well-being makes Calvin extremely happy.

For fun, Calvin is an explorer for knowledge. He is always researching about science, animals, and other random concepts throughout the day. He is also into the stocks, music, gymnastics, and activities with nature.

Calvin’s new Epstein family should know that he is an outgoing, friendly, and hardworking individual. He values the relationships he has with others, enjoys making new friends, and learning as much as he can about others. Also, he is a fan of all Chicago sports teams and likes to root for good things happening for the City. Oh, and if anyone is ever interested in hearing fun facts about animals, he is the guy for that.

Thanks for joining Epstein, Calvin, we are pleased to have you with us!