May 20, 2019

We are pleased to welcome Bijan Vafaei, our newest Design Engineer, to Epsteins Civil Engineering department! At Epstein, Bijan will be serving as a project engineer for Phase I and Phase II projects, designing and delivering roadway design for clients like the Illinois Tollway and the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Before joining us, Bijan worked as a transportation data engineer at Baxter & Woodman, where he worked on various transportation engineering projects, including transportation system management at several intermodal centers, route and price optimizations, and infrastructure improvements. Prior to that, he was a transportation research and data scientist at the Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University.

Bijan graduated from Iowa State University (go Cyclones!) with a degree in civil and transportation engineering. He also holds two minors: one in community and regional planning and the other in logistics, materials and supply chain management.

Outside of work, Bijan likes to remain fairly active. He enjoys snowboarding, biking and playing soccer, as well as hiking, camping and traveling. He enjoys cooking, too.

He says transportation was routed in him from the get-go, having always played with car toys as a child and developing a fascination for ultra-fast cars as he grew older.

Youve come to the right place, Bijan. Once again, welcome to Epstein!