October 30, 2017

Epstein is pleased to welcome Andrew Pape, the newest member of our interior design studio, to the Epstein family. Andrew brings with him six years of interior design and management experience for corporate office, laboratory and retail clients. Prior to joining Epstein, Andrew worked for The Dobbins Group, DG Architects and Smart Design Commercial Interiors. Andrew is well versed in the management of projects throughout all phases of the design process as well as the coordination with City planning agencies to obtain permits.

Andrew has an interesting past life before his time in the world of interior design. After graduating from Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, California, Andrew became an FAA licensed aircraft dispatcher working in world-wide air cargo and private jet travel. What is an aircraft dispatcher? Think of it like being the Captain of the Ground as that individual is responsible for things like the flight plan, in-flight communications, and making operational decisions that help ensure the safety of the flight. Eventually, Andrew became less than enamored with staring at a screen tracking flights all day and decided to head back to school and got his design degree at The Design Institute of San Diego.

Andrew is a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, but has lived most of my life in Southern California. Andrew bade farewell to a life of 74 and sunny for the climate variety of Midwest two years ago when his partners job required them to move to Chicago.

When not working, Andrew has a few interests that keep him busy including being an amateur artist and photographer. In addition, Andrew loves to garden and perform landscape design at his home in Evanston as well as enjoy getting out on his bike for long weekend rides.

Once again, Andrew, welcome to the family!