February 5, 2020

Epstein is thrilled to welcome Alex Lewis, P.E., our new Project Engineer, to the Civil department! Prior to coming to Epstein, he worked at Infrastructure Engineering, Inc. Currently, Alex has jumped in and began working on some of our Tollway projects. In a few months, he will start his role as the project engineer for a CDOT (Chicago Department of Transportation) bike lane assignment.

Alex attended the University of Illinois at Chicago (go Flames!), where he received his degree in civil engineering. While at UIC, he was involved in capoeira, which is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.

Alex is a Chicago native, having went to Morgan Park High School. Outside of work, he still trains in capoeira, which marks 11 years now. He also teaches a capoeira/Brazilian percussion class on Sundays for his group. Alex bowls in a league with his dad, and the two have a dollar bet every game on who will have the highest scratch score. Unfortunately, or fortunately, dad usually wins, but Alex claims he is coming for him. The Lewis family also has a game night every Sunday where they trash talk for hours, which, according to Alex, is awesome.

Something we should know about Alex? Well, he is a pizza aficionado. Specifically, pizza is his top 5 favorite foods. Just to clarify, thats: 1. Pizza, 2. Pizza, 3. Pizza, 4. Pizza, 5. Pizza. Thats a lot of pizza.

Alex had an initial interest in aerospace engineering before quickly realizing the specialty was a bit too dull for his liking. Some transportation classes in college, however, really sparked his interest and the rest is history.

We think thats the perfect fit for you, Alex. Once again, welcome to Epstein! Were delighted to have you join us.