June 3, 2022

The Epstein Community Foundation selected its 2022 ACE Mentor Chicago scholarship winners!

Congratulations to ACE Mentor Program students Athena Davis, Sanaia Pierre, Marlene Caballero, Yuming Wu, and Hangching Cheung!

This year, the ECF awarded $7,500 in scholarships to these high school students for their impressive and dedicated efforts in the ACE Mentor Program, which teaches high school students about architecture, construction and engineering by pairing local professionals with students for weekly activities. Epstein, a regular host for the program, has several staff members who served as mentors to the students. Each student received a $1,500 scholarship!

Here are some further details about our 2022 scholarship winners:

Athena Davis is an advocate of nature and saving the planet we live on, often thinking of ways to cater to the asymmetrical patterns of nature, and exemplifying its beauty rather than disrupting it. As an aspiring future architect, she would use her creativity in design to build unique homes in nature.

Sania Pierre has an impressive list of extracurricular activities; aside from ACE, she was also actively involved in the Lindblom Electric Eagles, a robotics team, JROTC, and Engineering Futures Program (EXP) where she collaborated with student to design a bridge house near the new Lincoln Yards.

Marlene Caballero is on the path to become an architect; however, she has expanded her knowledge by earning an externship working in construction. By learning the different sides of a project from start to finish, she hopes to become a well-rounded professional.

Yuming Wu gained confidence in sharing his design ideas through ACE and the support he received from his peers. As a first-generation college student from a low-income family, he aspires to become an engineer who brings technology to people such as ordinary families, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Finally, Hangching Cheung completed her third year in the ACE Mentor Program reaffirming her decision to pursue architecture. This year, her group createed a science center with flexible interiors and outdoor spaces. She designed the layout of a multipurpose classroom that has different yet connected sections prioritizing different learning styles.

The ECF understands these scholarships are extra special because of ongoing, unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. We are honored to award these students with scholarships to help build a brighter future.

Thanks to a slew of support and donations through ECF charitable fundraisers for making these scholarships possible!