April 28, 2020


The "Shelter in Place Shots" challenge continues.

During this time, its more important than ever to stay connected and embrace the spirit of community. As we are settling into our new working environments, we wanted to offer a fun way to share moments with each other and celebrate the strength of the Epstein family. Therefore, in an effort to stay connected, we created a friendly competition, Shelter in Place Shots. Each week, a new topic is selected; our employees are then asked to take and share a photo correlating to that theme.

This time we asked everyone to show off their fan spirit by wearing gear from their favorite sports team. The finalists included:

"Now did God create Da Bears and make them superior to all teams? Or is he simply a huge fan and Ditka made them superior to all other teams?"

"Teaching the Children about our Founding Fathers"

"Seal of Approval"

"No. 1 Fan"

"Socially-Distanced Bear Fan"

And the winning photo was no. 2, "Teaching the Children About our Founding Fathers," submitted by our Katie Bolger. Although there were some who were slightly disappointed we let a Packers fan win, we are wishing Katie congratulations!