June 8, 2016


Here's our monthly construction progress update, courtesy of Jeremy Wright, our construction project manager for one of the largest projects we've ever undertaken as a Design-Builder the Seaboard - Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant in Sioux City, Iowa.

What you see here are few aerials of the 245-acre site as well as ground level shots showing that we've completed the majority of the steel and decking throughout zone A. (FYI Zone A is the pink portion of the site plan that we have included here)

We've also started and completed the precast double tees in the Equilibrium bay and are now moving into precast erection on the kill floor. We also have completed the foundation work throughout the kill and cut floor. Steel erection, as well as evaporator installation, has started in the snap chill area and we have begun foundations as well as installed some of the Dupps pre-shell equipment in the rendering area.

Thanks Jeremy for the update! In addition to Jeremy, these are the hard-working Epsteiners ensuring that this $264M, 750,000 square foot facility is completed on-time and on-budget by mid-2017:

Nick Hawkins, Sr. Project Mgr.

Matt Trizna, Project Mgr.

Anna Zhang, Assistant Project Engineer

Mark Gesior, Co-Op (who is currently back at school, but just left and will return to our team in August)

Tamie Williams, Construction Specialist

Mindy Chavez, Administrative Assistant

Stephen Kuta, Intern

Brendan Minot, Intern

And on the Jobsite:

Ben Olson, Field Manager

Gary Lammers, Assistant Field Manager

John Castro, Assistant Project Engineer

Matt Dietz, Assistant Project Engineer

Hayley Robley, Field Administrative Assistant

Keep up the great work Team!