January 12, 2015

In the December edition of Food Engineering magazine, Epsteins senior vice president, Darrin McCormies, is interviewed for a feature article on sanitary food plant design. Darrin provides insight into how the exterior design of food processing plant can impact the safety of the process inside. For instance, a façade without overhangs/canopies discourages birds from nesting and creating waste issues. Or that when designing the intake for HVAC systems to be sure to place upwind from plant exhausts. Additionally, Darrin talks about how in recent Epstein designed food plants that weve made it a point to segregate the movement of employees from raw & cooked operations in order to maximize food safety operations. Lastly, Darrin specifically talks about how the facility & HVAC systems of a plant need to provide correct air flow by being sized and located property, and with the right filtration.

Here is a link to the article - http://goo.gl/p5BvSt