June 24, 2019

Construction is progressing nicely on the Riverview Bridge. The caisson completion is done, columns are in, and the deck is now being poured.

Our FAA licensed pilot, Dave Hilty, PE, Epstein's Project Manager in Civil Engineering, put our drone to work by capturing the project's latest progress. Watch the video here.

Dave shared the following insight as to the project's current status:

"Temporary shoring is being used to support the deck formwork. The deck has been poured up to the eventual river crossing.

"Sheet piling is completed at Clark Park on the south and at California Park on the north.

"The construction has been set up to maintain public access within the river. On the day of filming, canoers were enjoying a day on the water as they easily maneuvered past the site."

The bridge and path are to be open to the public by the end of October 2019, and substantial completion of the project is to be the end of May 2020 once landscaping is complete.