September 21, 2017

Construction has recently begun on the Prestage Foods of Iowa Pork Processing Plant, a facility in which Epstein is serving as the Design-Builder, responsible for providing architecture; civil, MEP/FP, structural and process engineering; and construction. The Prestage facility, located on a 155-acre site in Eagle Grove, Iowa, will be 650,000 square feet when complete in the fall of 2018 and is designed to process 10,000 hogs per day. This plant will also consist of several outbuildings, including a guardhouse, rendering facility, and waste water treatment facility. In addition, the facility will feature temperature control throughout the process areas to heighten food safety and quality.

Lastly, this project for Prestage is also the first Epstein construction project in which we are using a Drone to document progress of the facility. What you see here is a video taken on August 30th showing that the mass grading is substantially complete including the building pad and detention basin. Additionally, the foundations for most of the facility have been completed and work on site utilities and lighting is in progress.