June 8, 2023

Six teams brought their "A" game yesterday during Epstein's Office Olympics! There was a lot of fierce competition but three teams came out on top to take away the gold, silver and bronze.

Each team completed a series of competitions: Trash Can Basketball, Paper Ream Hold, Desk Chair Race, Coffee Relay, Treasure Hunt and House of Cards.

Congratulations to the winners!

Gold Medal: The Six Pack: Project Management & Corporate Services

Brooklyn Colbert, Kamila Duz, Karen Perri, Bradley Dennis, Terence Russell, and Criss Paccione-Anderson

Silver Medal: Dewey Cheatem’ and Howe: Construction & Process Engineering

Nick Brown, Craig Tolan, Chad Ware, Ronnie Jirsa, Jake Westerhoff and Doreen Hsu

Bronze Medal: Slide Rulers: Architecture & Interiors

Aubrie Smith, Jose Barajas, Laura Rebbe, Jennifer Heiney, Andrew Pape and Adam Weissert