March 6, 2019

Construction continues on the two-building Class A Office Mennica Legacy Tower, which will be comprised of a 35-story east tower and a 10-story west building located in the Central Business District of Warsaw. For this project, Epstein is serving as the architect and engineer of record, as well as the design engineer for MEP and structural engineering services. Our friends at Goettsch Partners are the design architects.

The construction of the Mennica development, due to the sites relatively high water wall and the adjacent existing subway lines, is utilizing the "Slurry Wall," or "Diaphragm Wall," technique. Tom Suarez, PE, SE, Epstein's chief structural engineer and designer of Mennica's structural system, explains what can be seen in the construction progress photos featured in this article:

"The concrete structure has reached the top of the building. The roof level mechanical levels and elevator over runs are in progress. With the curtain wall erection now at the 19th level, you can clearly see the distinctive leaning out of the structure at the southeast corner and the steps in the curtain wall to emphasize this slope."

Mennica is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2019.