March 23, 2022

Pursuit Collection selected Epstein for a complete retrofit of the current IMAX Theater at Chicago’s Navy Pier into the new FlyOver in Chicago. FlyOver is an immersive flight ride from global attractions and hospitality company Pursuit. The ride takes guests on a multi-sensory journey as they soar over iconic locations and natural wonders from around the globe as part of a cutting-edge entertainment experience. A 65-foot spherical screen will surround guests as they glide through flight rides that showcase picturesque landscapes, and a state-of-the-art moving platform with six degrees of motion enables guests to feel every sweeping movement.

Epstein is providing architecture and interior design, and structural and MEP/FP engineering services for this 12,800 square foot entertainment facility. The project has tight HVAC requirements for FlyOver’s sensitive AV equipment. The ride includes dynamic structural reactions that need to ingrate into the existing Navy Pier grade beams and foundations. The scope also requires Epstein to thoughtfully incorporate vibration isolation and acoustic isolation between the various show spaces, not unlike a movie theater. From an interior design standpoint, the goal is to develop a “Chicago” look and feel, unique from other FlyOver spaces.

Construction of the theatre is expected to be completed for opening day in the fall of 2023.