May 20, 2016


Our MEP/FP Engineering group got some great news yesterday, four 'Fantastic' members of that team were notified that they passed the Illinois PE Exam! Meaning that after the checks clear and the bureaucrats file all the paperwork Joe Bouley, Paul Thomas, Carla Espinoza and Jeff Kroenung, will soon officially be Professional Engineers in the State of Illinois!

Congratulations Joe, Paul, Carla and Jeff! This professional achievement is something you all should be very proud of and all of your Epstein family members are very happy for your collective individual accomplishments.

Joe Bouley

Joe joined Epstein in April, 2013 and is mechanical design engineer. In his three years with Epstein he's worked on a wide variety of projects including office headquarters, fleet maintenance facilities and industrial process plants.

Paul Thomas

Paul, who is also a mechanical design engineer, has been a member of the Epstein family for a little over a year and during that time he has helped design the mechanical systems for hotels, food processing plants and corporate headquarters.

Carla Espinoza

Carla, who like Joe and Paul, is a mechanical design engineer, has been with Epstein since March, 2014. During her two years with us she's designed mechanical systems for synagogues, corporate headquarters and pork processing facilities.

Jeff Kroenung

Jeff, who is an electrical project engineer, is the newest addition to our MEP/FP group, having joined Epstein a little over a month ago. In that time Jeff has been busy helping design a new truck marshalling garage for New York's Javits Convention Center & a flavoring plant in Mexico.

Once again, a sincere congratulations from your work family to our 'Fantastic Four' on earning your PE license! And, going along with Fantastic Four reference, Carla is clearly 'Sue' so Joe, Paul and Jeff, we'll let you all fight it out to determine who gets tagged as 'The Thing.' Just a suggestion, Joe & Paul, Jeff's the new guy, we think it would be fair if he became 'The Thing' so, you'll just need to play rock, paper, scissors to find out who is Johnny Storm and Mr. Fantastic.

Yes, we watch way too many comic book movies.