July 22, 2021

We're delighted to share our Tim Gustafson, AICP, has been accepted as a participant for We Will Chicago, a new three-year, citywide planning initiative under Mayor Lori Lightfoot that will encourage neighborhood growth and vibrancy while addressing social and economic inequities that impair Chicago’s legacy as a global city. As Epstein's Senior Planner, Tim will be joining the program's Transportation & Infrastructure research team.

According to the program's website, We Will is the first citywide plan of its type since the “1966 Comprehensive Plan.” The initiative's near-term work plan will be refined in the coming weeks, with equity and resiliency serving as its guiding, fundamental principles.

Initial planning work included a series of virtual workshops with other cities that have completed citywide plans, followed by virtual community conversations on a variety of topics, including jobs, the changing economy, neighborhood development, the changing climate, and other subjects.

Why now? "Chicago's legacy as a world-class city continues to be threatened by systemic inequities that have undermined its success for decades. These social and economic disparities touch nearly every aspect of Chicago life and government," the program's website states.

We look forward to watching Tim, as well as the rest of the team, help bring about an inclusive vision for Chicago.

Check out the We Will Chicago kick-off conversation below: