April 23, 2020


The Epstein-designed and engineered Riverview Bridge was recently featured in a Chicago Tribune column by Blair Kamin.

Titled "Want some good news? This new Riverview Bridge for pedestrians over north branch of the Chicago River," please see some of Blair's excepts below:

"This is infrastructure the way it should be: Responsive to its surroundings, both natural and man-made, and serving the needs of both utility and beauty."

"...an ingenious piece of urban infrastructure."

"What makes the Riverview Bridge such a pleasure is the way it makes such connections not through one-dimensional brute force, but with an unconventional design that takes many things into account, including the industrial character of the neighborhood and the trees and vegetation along the rivers banks."

"Being on the bridge is a little like floating in the air, as if you were a hawk catching an updraft and surveying the scene below."

"Lighting is nicely integrated into the railings. At night, the bridge glows softly a handsome sculpture."

"The bridge would be welcome under any circumstances. It is an especially bright additional to the cityscape in these dark times."

Thanks, Blair, for covering our project and for your kind words!

Riverview Bridge, completed in November of 2019, is a 16-span reinforced concrete bridge that is approximately 1,000 long and 16 wide with a 14' path, located at Addison and the Chicago River.