August 12, 2019

Epstein is pleased to announce that Darrin McCormies is our new Senior Vice President, Director of Industrial Services. In this role, Darrin will be responsible for developing new project opportunities in the industrial marketplace, especially Design-Build endeavors for clients in the food, industrial process and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, Darrin will also serve as the project executive for these industrial focused projects and help lead Epsteins team of engineers, architects and construction professionals in delivering highly sophisticated facilities that achieve the operational goals of our clients.

We are all extremely excited about Darrins new role at Epstein. There is no one more appropriate, or more knowledgeable about the unique requirements of the industrial market sector, than Darrin, said Jim Jirsa, Epsteins Executive Managing Director.

Darrin joined Epstein in 1994 and now has over 37 years of experience in planning, engineering, maintenance, operations management and implementing engineering solutions for industrial clients throughout the world. During his more than 25-year tenure with Epstein, Darrin has served in a variety of roles, including process engineer, project manager and, most recently, as the director of Epsteins industrial process engineering group. In that role, Darrin guided the activities of Epstein architects and engineers in initial feasibility studies, master planning assignments and conceptual design for manufacturing facilities as well as sites. Studies would then involve Darrin leading Epsteins designers, engineers and construction professionals in implementing these plans and concepts.

In addition to Darrins project and leadership roles at Epstein, he has also become a trusted resource for industrially-focused publications and trade organizations as an expert in a variety of critical food production issues, like sanitary design, automation and dust mitigation.

Prior to joining Epstein, Darrin was involved with plant operations and engineering for Kraft in several different facilities across the United States.