August 4, 2016

A couple days ago our fearless interior design group, courtesy of our friends at Corporate Concepts and HON Furniture, visited the new iFly location on Halsted for a little indoor skydiving. For those of you not familiar with indoor skydiving imagine standing inside a glass enclosed tube in which a massive fan (similar to the hand dryers you see in public restrooms) blows air upwards at such a force to keep you suspended in air, thus simulating a sky dive. That is without the fear of becoming a human pancake!

Epstein's fearless flyers included Jeffrey McQuiston, John Kolb, Mihaela Ianev-Cajigas, Paula Padilla-Bożyk, Ramona Valeanu, Linda Kanoski and Mark Fischer.

Thanks again to Jackie Lesavage, Mark Dillon, and Emily West from Corporate Concepts and Mary Mannucci from HON for the invite, our team had a great time, especially Linda Kanoski, who as you will see in the attached video, loves been tossed like a rag doll!