July 9, 2019

Epstein was one of the first engineering firms to obtain approval for a cooling water intake structure on the Chicago Area Waterway System under the United States Environmental Protection Agencys (USEPA) 316b Rule for the 300 N. LaSalle high-rise office building. Epstein's relationship with the 300 N. LaSalle building has been a long and successful one since 2005, when we provided full civil engineering services and obtained the original permit approval from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) for their cooling water intake structure. At the time, the 316b Rule was rather new, and Epstein, working together with the IEPA and USEPA, provided the necessary research and documentation to obtain the approval. This assured that 300 N. LaSalle was meeting the requirements for intake, discharge, monitoring and reporting. Per the requirements of the regulation, the NPDES permit needs to be renewed every five years.

The Hines building management team, along with 300 N. LaSalle, LLC, have been a great partners and stewards of the environment by closely monitoring their water intake, discharge, and entrainment of fish to ensure that they meet the regulations and reporting requirements of their permit! It makes our job easier when it comes time to renew, said Dave Hilty, PE, Epstein's Civil Engineering Project Manager.

Having been involved with 300 N. LaSalle from the beginning, Epstein was able to use its knowledge of the building and the Chicago River habitat characteristics to provide the IEPA the necessary documentation to achieve yet another nod of approval for its use of river water.

Many congratulations to our entire Civil Engineering department for this achievement!