June 12, 2020


Last night, a group of Epsteiners participated in a virtual trivia night held through Zoom to raise money for charity.

Sponsored by our Staffing Initiative Committee, and organized by Laura Rebbe, Andrew Pape and Samantha Schneider, each team paid a minimum of $10 to enter. 100 percent of the money raised would go to the winning teams charity of choice

After some fierce competition, with the leader of the game changing after each round, plus an exceptionally difficult geology round, the team who came out on top was Team Five Guys. This winning team consisted of, quite literally, five guys from our Civil Engineering department: Alex Lewis, Bijan Vafaei, Mark Gesior, Robert Erbs and Nick Palmer. Congrats!

Through this effort, $350 was raised for Team Five Guys' chosen charity, The Bail Project. The Bail Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to "combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system - one person at a time."

Here are some of the questions that were in the lineup:

Chicago (with one NYC question for our NY team): On August 8th, 2004, while passing over the Chicago River, which music artist or bands tour bus unleashed over 800lbs of human waste onto a tour boat and passengers below? Answer: The Dave Matthews Band. Next time youre on the architectural boat tour, make sure not to look up with your mouth open, or you might get a true "taste of Chicago."

Miscellaneous Pop Culture: What was the first American prime-time network TV drama since the 1970's to star a black woman as the lead character? Answer: Scandal (started airing in 2012 on ABC).

World Tour: A great question from this round showcased an image of The Hand in the Desert sculpture (seen below), which is located in the Atacama desert in central Chile. The guesses of the name were quite clever: Helping Hand, Drowning, The Reach, Manos, Quick Sand, Buried Alive, Sinking, The Wave.

Top 10 Hits: In this round, teams had to guess the artist of the top 10 hit played and another top 10 hit from that same artist. Bands and artists included The Temptations, Alicia Keys, Fall Out Boy, J.Cole, Sheryl Crow and Ginuwine. This was Team Five Guys' best round of the game, almost coming in with a full sweep, but no country lovers on the team were able to get Sheryl Crow.

Our goal was $300 in donations, and we are pleased to have surpassed that! Thank you to our event organizers and to all who donated and/or participated.