June 1, 2018


The Big Fish Ball is hosted annually by Friends of the Chicago River, which is an organization that works in partnership with the likes of municipalities, businesses and schools on projects that benefit the Chicago River.

The ball is Friends largest fundraising event, year after year bringing together 500 leaders and young professionals from the Chicago community to the river with an opportunity to engage with river wildlife.

Epstein is a sponsor of this years event.

"Epstein is very pleased to help sponsor the Big Fish Ball and aid in the Friends of the Chicago Rivers goal of revitalizing and connecting the public to this wonderful natural resource," said Noel Abbott, Epstein's Vice President, Director of Marketing.

Additionally, our team of engineers and architects view each of our many river-centric developments as being yet another opportunity to achieve the admiral goals of the Friends of the Chicago River.

The Big Fish Ball will also honor the recipients of the Chicago River Blue Awards, the highest achievement to acknowledge river-sensitive designs that protect and improve public access, water quality and wildlife habitat along the Chicago and Calumet river systems.

Since 1979, Friends has been working to improve the health of the Chicago River system for the benefit of people, plants and animals.

Friends work spans the entire 156-mile Chicago River system and its surrounding watershed, the organization has said. We focus on a greener river with healthy habitat, an accessible river that people can use and enjoy, and a river cared for by a broad group of supporters.

The 13th annual Big Fish Ball will be held at the Westin Chicago River North, 320 North Dearborn Street, on June 5.