November 3, 2021

Epstein was pleased to provide DesignBuild services for the construction of a new wastewater pretreatment system at Wholestone Farms in Fremont, Nebraska.

Epstein’s scope of work included coordination and oversight of both design and construction for the project, which included the building itself as well as all utilities and equipment needed to provide a fully functioning wastewater pretreatment system for Wholestone.

This facility ultimately redirects all process waste streams from the plant to a singular feed to the pretreatment facility requiring significant site work. The pretreatment process used screening, DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) systems, and chemical adjustments to meet new environmental regulations by the jurisdiction. The pretreatment system also features a vast amount of process piping, a stand-alone precast structure, and new water and gas utility supply. In addition, multiple equipment types were installed, including boilers, air handling units, and a compressed air and steam system; all of which assist in the wastewater pretreatment process that flows from the building to the city owned lagoons.


Wholestone called this facility the most beautiful precast building ever. Nice praise, indeed!


Specifically, this facility helps and/or features:

  • Process waste streams, which include barn waste and barn waste screening, washdown, and general pork processing waste.
  • Separating previously combined sanitary waste streams and process waste streams throughout existing building and site. (Sanitary waste continues to go to the city, while process waste now stops through the pretreatment facility.)
  • A precast structure and layout engineered to require zero columns in the building to improve process layout efficiency.

Epstein is delighted to continue our working relationship with Wholestone Farms, which began a few years ago when we started providing DesignBuild services for a number of facility improvements to their operations in Fremont. These projects include DesignBuild services for their new headquarters, a new CO2 stunning facility, as well as a snap chill & trim blend operations.