June 29, 2020

We are happy to share that Epstein has self-certified with the City of Chicago as part of the #BeSafeChicago plan. Since we have either "met or exceeded all requirements for reopening" during Phase 4, we are considered "Phase 4 self-certified."

Phase 4 certifies that Epstein is taking measures in accordance with Phase 4 of the City of Chicago and Restore Illinois plans. Epstein meets the criteria applicable to non-customer-facing office spaces. The criteria includes minimum standards, such as the following:

  • Wellness screening program to ensure employees are healthy when arriving to work
  • Educating employees on COVID-19 symptoms and what to do if they experience any at work or at home
  • Limiting movement within the office and requiring face coverings when away from desks
  • Limiting visitors to our office with protocols to minimize interaction with employees
  • Following CDC travel guidance
  • Ensuring social distancing is maintained throughout activities
  • Limiting occupancy of conference rooms and minimizing in-person meetings
  • Providing PPE and personal sanitizing to all employees
  • Enhanced sanitizing of office space and installation of touchless fixtures in bathrooms
  • Limiting office occupancy to less than 50 percent and ensuring adequate social distancing of workstations

Businesses can complete a self-certification process to ensure that guidelines are implemented. We are pleased to have been able to comply with the city's standards for reopening and achieve this certification.

Thank you to our clients during this time, we look forward to continuing to serve you!