March 23, 2020

With the historic COVID-19 induced shutdowns of non-essential businesses in New York and Illinois, the Epstein organization has made swift adaptations to our normal operations.

Currently, all of our NYC and Chicago-based staff are working from home navigating the challenges inherent with remote access, internet bandwidth and child care/in-home schooling. Were pleased to state, due to the multi-disciplinary services we offer as well as our broad market reach in the industrial, public and commercial sectors, that we continue to serve all of our clients without interruption. This includes the multitude of projects we have in the essential food and transportation industries.

Over the coming days, well be posting regular updates on how individual members of our incredibly nimble and talented staff are adjusting to these unprecedented changes we are all facing; stories we feel speak to the ingenuity of our Epstein family members.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe during these troubling times, and that we can see all of you in person in the near future.