January 21, 2022

We're delighted to share that Epstein's Lori Chandler is speaking at this year's Advancing Design Quality Management conference, North America’s first and only forum dedicated to sharing best practices for quality assurance and quality control during the design phase of construction projects.

Taking place in Dallas, TX January 24-26, the event brings together dozens of forward-thinking technical and firm leaders from architecture and engineering companies and demonstrates how to be a change agent for quality. With designers, contractors, owners and insurance firms all sharing their perspectives on improving quality of design, the expo aims to demonstrate how to reduce risk, improve profitability and increase client satisfaction.

Joining a panel with two other industry professionals, Lori's presentation is titled "Reviewing Projects Regularly to Drive Effective QA/QC Processes Throughout."


See Lori's presentation during day 2 of the conference, Jan. 26.


Together, they will address:

- Discovering the best ways to track quality on individual projects and hold project teams accountable for their work
- Developing a process to ensure quality reviews are occurring at all stages of a project
- Identifying necessary support functions to improve quality when flagged

If you're attending the conference, please be sure to listen in on Lori's presentation; we hope to see you there!