May 21, 2020


The Epstein Community Foundations 2020 scholarships winners have been selected!

Congratulations to ACE Mentor Program students Yash, Yamaris and Yareli! The ECF awarded $4,500 in scholarships to these high school seniors for their impressive and dedicated efforts in the ACE Mentor Program, which teaches high school students about architecture, construction and engineering by pairing local professionals with students for weekly activities. Epstein, a regular host for the program, has several staff members who served as mentors to the students.

Here are some further details about our 2020 scholarship winners:

  • Yash was awarded a $2,000 scholarship from the ECF! Throughout his two years in the ACE Mentor Program, Yash learned a great amount about HVAC systems. He will be attending Northwestern University to study mechanical engineering, a field he is passionate about because he believes in creating new machinery that will better the world.
  • Yamaris was awarded a $1,500 scholarship from the ECF! She also participated in the ACE Mentor Program for two years. Yamaris has goals to become an architect and even started an architecture club at her high school. Her love of architecture comes from the reality that it combines art with helping people.
  • Yareli was awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the ECF! She has participated in the ACE Mentor Program for one year, learning how to use various engineering software. Yareli is graduating high school summa cum laude with the career goal of becoming a successful mechanical engineer.

At the beginning of March, the ECF also awarded three ACE students with a $500 scholarship at the 20th Annual ACE Mentor Luncheon. The luncheon celebrated 20 years of mentoring and support of Chicago high school students who have an interest in the ACE industries. Nicholas, Myahna and Amari earned the scholarships by winning a design competition for the best skyscraper created with skewers and foam balls.

The winners of the skyscraper contest from the 20th Annual Ace Mentor Luncheon.

The ECF understands these scholarships are extra special this year because of unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19; as such we are honored to award these students with scholarships to help build a brighter future.

Thanks to a slew of support and donations at ECF charitable fundraisers, the Epstein Community Foundation was able to award $6,000 in scholarships this year!