December 1, 2021

As we look back over the past year of programming, the DE&I committee engaged Epsteiners to learn how they connected with various presenters and conversations. These events highlighted personal and professional experiences with different backgrounds, abilities and perspectives.

World View Map:

"I haven’t ever really thought of myself as having any diversity or even ethnicity, as I was born on a farm in Iowa and am a descendant of early American settlers from England dating back to the 1600s. I spent much of my life living in many different places, including England in my early teens, more recently in Romania, and working previously for a Japanese company. During my travels all over the world for business, I have met and worked with people from many different countries, which has introduced me to a very diverse number of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. While my genetic diversity is not so unique, I feel that I have become more diverse in my outlook from living and working with people from so many other backgrounds, races, countries, religions and ethnicities. I feel my life and perspective has been greatly enriched from this."

–Randy, Director, DesignBuild


"DE&I has done a great job of bringing the necessary, and sometimes uncomfortable, conversations and topics to the forefront that will help us grow as a company and society. The last event I attended was on neurodiversity. Our speaker was autistic and after his presentation, I was reminded of the families I know with kids on the spectrum and how we have to do better to create a workforce and society that includes them wholly."

–Judy, Senior Design Engineer, MEP

Gender Identity:

"I benefited from the DE&I presentation on gender and sexuality, “Seeing the Spectrum.” It was informative to hear the presenter provide insights from perspectives inside and outside different communities. Matisse acknowledged challenges and presented inclusive recommendations in an energetic, engaging manner."

–Bradley, Senior Project Manager, DesignBuild


"The DE&I neurodiversity event provided an insightful look into the challenges people face with neurodevelopmental disorders and autism. Over many years in this business, I have worked with individuals who have faced barriers or inabilities to perform equal to their peers due to a disability. Finding opportunities for individuals who experience these barriers is important to me. I had a sister, who has since passed, that dealt with a lot of unnecessary adversity. She was mentally and emotionally functioning, but physically she could not walk. Being a part of her life and her world allowed me to see that everyone adds value and deserves a chance to be here. Be kind, be thoughtful and be understanding to anyone that crosses your path."

–Mica, Director of Interior Projects, Interior Design