March 3, 2022

Epstein’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion group held its first virtual roundtable event of the year to discuss Workplace Mental Health - with an emphasis on construction jobsite personnel. The past two years have been a major challenge for all of us and those trials have naturally had an impact on our abilities to seamlessly handle the stressors and challenges faced in the workplace. What you all might not be aware of is the added stress the Pandemic has had on our field staff, with positions that come with a unique set a workplace issues that many of us working from the office or home are not aware of or have taken into account.

The roundtable featured Epstein’s very own:

Dana Franz, Safety Manager, has over 25 years of construction/site safety management experience, in his role Dana has the unique experience of being involved in all of Epstein’s construction projects across the US

Sam Durfee, Field Manager, has 15 years of construction industry experience & is currently working on the Wholestone Foods program in Fremont, Nebraska

Jay Caton, Field Manager, also has 15 years of construction industry experience and is currently working on the Jushi Cultivation project in Lakeville, Massachusetts

The discussion was open and honest, and those in attendance were able to hear firsthand how being away from family, in addition to daily jobsite obstacles can become mental health stressors. The free flowing conversation made it apparent that it’s no longer taboo to talk about your feelings.

As we all know, communication is critical for a successful project but this conversation made it apparent that communication is always essential for success. Remember were all in it together, and a simple check-in or pat on the back can go a long way.