July 29, 2022

The idea of celebrating Friendship Day started with Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho on July 20th 1958, as he sat down to dinner with his friends in the town of Puerto Pinasco, Paraguay. His group of friends formed the World Friendship Crusade, a foundation to promote friendship and fellowship among humankind regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion.

The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea to inspire peace and build bridges between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals. Celebrated across the globe on July 30, 2022, the day aims to bridge the differences between factors such as race, language and culture.

Today more than ever we should celebrate International Day of Friendship as our world faces so many crises and challenges that force divisions between people and communities. Let us promote peace and solidarity in our relationships, communities and organizations. Let us build each other up and celebrate peace!