October 20, 2020

Today, October 20th, over half of our U.S.-based staff members participated in an Epstein Diversity & Inclusion Committee sponsored lunch hour virtual presentation and panel discussion on generational differences at work. Led by D&I Committee members, Jenny Kuether, Samantha Schneider, Laura Petrocci and Herve Sivuilu, our staff was given a presentation that defined the various generational differences as well as the importance of understanding how those variances can impact a firm’s competitive advantages, add to the skills/diversity of the workforce, provide much needed multiple perspectives and, lastly, help future proof the workplace.

In addition to this presentation, there was a round-table discussion featuring a generational cross-section of Epstein staff members. This panel, which included Baby Boomers (Judy Sells & Bob Helmer), Generation Xers (Ed Curley, Mica Manaois & Tom Suarez) and Millennials (Jessica Hufford & Deion DeBose) took questions from Herve on topics like:

  • Have you ever felt a generation gap with your co-workers?
  • What’s a negative stereotype about your generation that you disagree with?
  • What’s a positive stereotype about your generation that you are proud of?
  • Why do you think multi-generational discussions are important?
  • How do you think the workplace will adapt to Generation Z entering the workforce?

Overall, our staff was very engaged and appreciative of the chance to learn more about their co-workers past experiences, especially our younger staff members who probably didn’t know what an inter-office memorandum was!