November 20, 2018


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching; turkey in T-minus two days, everybody! Here at Epstein, however, we enjoyed getting a jumpstart on the festivities.

We have a tradition that each year on the Monday before Thanksgiving, the whole company comes together for a potluck lunch. While its complete with all the traditional fixings, some of the best sellers, so to speak, are the ethnic dishes. Lets be honest, tamales are needed at pretty much every occasion. Thank you, Judy Sells and Maleno Quintero for making that happen.

And Epstein sure has some undercover chefs in the mix! A couple shout outs to:

  • Bradley Dennis, whose ham balls were tender and delicious;
  • Chris Macko, who brought in his homemade ice-cream in two flavors! Caramel sea salt and chocolate;
  • Laura Flores, for your spectacular sweet potatoes;
  • And to the two people who brought in the deliciously crisp and sweet baked candied bacon we applaud you.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and to Judy, who helps organize this nearly 20-year tradition.

Wishing everyone happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving from Epstein!