March 3, 2021

For the past 57 years, Epstein has been celebrating employees with five or more years of service at an annual celebratory party in February. Regrettably, due to COVID-19, we are unable to currently hold this festivity, however, we still want to acknowledge these amazing achievements.

In addition to honoring all of the employees with five or more years of service, please join us in giving special recognition to the following team members on their milestone anniversaries:

5 Years: Patrick Alcock, Randy Buescher, Anthony Dary, Nick Hawkins, Jeffrey McQuiston, Renata Pajerska, Gail Pollard, Laura Rebbe, Andy Valinskas

15 Years: Tony Hogge

20 Years: John Lach, Criss Paccione-Anderson

25 Years: David Scott, Stu White

35 Years: Jim Jirsa

This time-honored event, which first took place in 1964, is one of the true cornerstones of our organization, and it's a pleasure to take the time to recognize our fellow employees for their years of exceptional dedicated service to Epstein.

We are hoping to be able to host an event for this deserving group once the weather warms up and we can secure a safe, socially-distanced venue outdoors.

Many congratulations to all of these hardworking Epsteiners!