December 9, 2016


Last week, Epsteins in-house Staffing Initiative Committee, a group that helps improve our work environment by influencing processes and procedures, planning social events, and raising employee concerns, announced the recipients of the 2016 Epstein Employee Excellence Award. The Epstein Employee Excellence Award recognizes the Top 3 individuals with our company who best exemplified Epsteins Mission and Vision in 2016.

For those of you not familiar with Epsteins Mission and Vision, this graphic, which appears in various forms throughout our office space, includes the ideals that the following individuals were chosen as personifying.

Anna Gannon


In the face of extreme adversity, Anna demonstrated a level of maturity in serving our Client well beyond her years of experience. While wearing many different hardhats - project manager, field manager & industrial engineer, to name a few, Anna developed creative solutions to the many unique challenges of the job. Annas never say quit attitude ensured that the project was completed and shareholder value was protected to the greatest extent possible. During the course of the project, she forged a lasting relationship with the Client, gained the respect of everyone involved and sacrificed her personal life. Congratulations Anna Gannon, for accepting the challenge of the task at hand and exemplifying what it means to be an Epsteiner.

Jake Effinger

Structural Engineering

On a daily basis, Jake exhibits the following qualities, taken from the submissions that his employees used to describe him:

  • Jake is the ultimate team player, displaying professionalism, flexible problem solving that is considerate of the concerns of every person he works with. He is patient and cool headed even when under siege. He doesnt add stress to any situation hes a part of.
  • Jake is an extremely hard worker. He is not afraid to stay late and come in on weekends if he feels the client, the project, and the company by extension, would benefit from it.
  • On top of all that work time effort, Jake also volunteers his time outside of working hours; playing massively important roles on the ACE and Rebuilding Together teams.

With all that under consideration, it is an honor to present Jake Effinger with one of the Epstein Employee Excellence Awards for 2016.

Jayadeep Reddy

MEP/FP Engineering

Jay Reddy is someone who truly embodies our mission and vision. Out of all of the award recipients, he received the most nominations. Jay has been with Epstein for a relatively short period of time and came to Epstein with little industrial experience. In the short time he has been here he has become an expert in industrial projects. The knowledge and experience he has gained in such a short period of time has taken some people several years to master. Even with what sometimes seems to be an overwhelming project load his patience and determination has allowed him to deliver solutions and technologies that result in a better design for our clients. In addition to serving our clients he always takes the time to help others with the advancement of their professional development in an open and professional manner, empowering them to be better at their job and ultimately enhancing our shareholder value. Nothing stops Jay, not even a trip to the hospital. Thank you Jay for all your efforts. You are a hero to us all.

This year the Staffing Initiative Committee received nominations for 46 employees who were identified by their fellow employees as deserving of this award. Although only 3 awards were given out, tremendous congratulations go out to all nominees.